Crockpot Apple Sauce in 4 Easy Steps

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A couple weeks ago my family went to a local Apple Farm and had a blast picking apples.  We picked apples, ate Hoe Cakes (apparently these are made with corn meal and are pretty darn yummy).  We also went to a cute little farm called Stone Soup Farm and pressed our own Apple Cider.  Side note, did you know that real apple Cider is actually Apple Juice that has not been boiled or had added sugar.  The trip was educational too, win win.

As soon as we got home my kids began requesting to make apple sauce.  I am all about simplicity and convenience when possible.  Plus any opportunity to use my crock pot and save some time is always a plus.  We love making homemade apple sauce because it is sugar free, healthy, and so deliciously yummy.  Plus it’s only 4 steps!

1.Wash apples, we had picked about 10 lbs of apples and after my boys ate several of them I was able to save about 8 pounds of them to use for apple sauce.

2.Core and slice them and put them in the crock pot.

3.Put in crock pot and set crock pot to medium at 4 hours or low for 8 hours

You can add spices or flavoring if you’d like.  I typically add cinnamon, about a teaspoon, if the boys want it or nothing at all.  No matter that I add the juice of the lemon to help preserve color ( I promise it doesn’t change the taste at all).

I’ve recently started using essential oils though and added some to the apple sauce, it tasted delicious.  I added 5 drops each of orange vitality, lemon vitality and thieves vitality, (I only use young living because they monitor the production from start to finish or “Seed to Seal” plus I can rest assure there aren’t any strange fillers in them, you can order them here).

4. Mash them up: you can either do this by using a potato masher or a blender.  Honestly I started with a masher but since I have a two year old I pureed it in a blender to make it as smooth as possible for him.

Result: it was a huge success, my older boys try to take some to school to share with their friends and my baby asks for it everyday.  Guess we need to make more, there’s no way this is going to last.


Please let me know if you try this and what you think.


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