Board Game Snack Tray

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Our family is a little nerdy, actually when it comes to board games, we are a lot of nerdy.  This took me years to finally acknowledge this fact, let alone admit to it.  We play board games on weekends, holidays, and we try to whenever one of our boys ask us to play one with them. Except during homework, for some unknown reason my middle son loves to ask us during homework time (I can’t imagine why).

Anyways, a lot of times the games with extra pieces, like a lot of extra pieces.  I’m not one to throw them away, especially since they typically have such great art work.  We have been trying to decide how we can use them, and came up with several ideas but bothing really stuck.  Then one day I was at Hobby Lobby and found a snack tray on clearance.  How can you pass up a large serving tray the originally cost 29.95 that was on clearance for 4.95?  If you’re me, you can’t.  Now I’m extremely opposed to clutter but when I saw that beauty I knew exactly what its new purpose was. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the tray when I bought it.

My big boys and I finally had time to arrange all of the pieces on the tray and secured them with Modge Podge.

Once it was fully dry I sprayed it with a Modge Podge Acrylic spray to protect the ink.  I let it completely dry for several days. 

We mixed a resin compound with the activator (the one I really like and use is called Environmental Technology 16-Ounce Kit) exactly as instructed and pour it over top (I understand if you don’t measure it exactly it can stay sticky).  It took two applications to completely cover it and it was cured in 48 hours.  It looks great and I can’t wait to show it off.  Now every time we have snacks we will remember our favorite moments playing games that bring our family together like nothing else can.

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3 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    Great job. That tray is very unique. I love Modge Podge. It was smart to use the resin. It will last forever now.